1. Are your wagons weather proof?

The wagons are built very solid and sturdy and are heavy enough to withstand most weather. We highly recommend that the wagons are secured to the ground via cable. The canvas is treated for water resistance and to be fire retardant. In normal use the wagons are dry.

2. Are your wagons secure?

During the initial design process and in all ongoing development we consider safety of utmost importance. To assure as much security as possible we have gone so far as to equip the wagon with a lockable solid wood door. All electrical work is certified by a licensed electrician and we have fire extinguishers on board. The stairway and porch areas are equipped with sturdy railings. We can provide a lockable safe for quests to use for their valuables during their stay.

3. What maintenance is required?

The wagon, being made from wood and canvas, requires some minimal maintenance to assure the wagon delivers many years of service. The wheels should be treated annually to assure ongoing beauty. A coat of preservative is all that is required. The canvas should be cleaned, and the wagon covered with a tarp during the off season.

4. Are the wagons supplied with inside furnishing?

We provide interior design service to our clients and can provide furniture, accessories, bedding and will help you in any way we can.

5. How long will the canvas last?

We use the very best heavy treated canvas on all of our wagons. There are a few things that can be done to extend the canvas life. If the canvas is kept reasonably clean, kept tight to avoid excessive flapping from the wind and covered during the off season the canvas should last 5 to 7 years.

6. Are the wagons road worthy?

The wagons can be towed with a vehicle, tractor or other utility unit. They are designed to be towable on private property but are not road legal. The wagons can be loaded on a suitable trailer for transport on public roads or highways. The wagons are also designed for stationary use only. They should not be towed with people on board.

7. Are the wagons heated and/or cooled?

A small electric heater can be used to reduce the chill in the wagon and there is ample air flow through the wagon for use in warmer weather. We can equip the wagon with heating and air conditioning or you can have it done locally as well.

8. Do you offer a warranty on your wagons?

Absolutely. We are very proud of our wagons and take the utmost care to assure a very high-quality product. We do offer a warranty on materials and workmanship.

9. Can you sell and ship the wagons internationally?

Yes, we do.

10. How large are the wagons?

Our standard wagon is 24 feet long by 10 feet wide. We can, however, build wagons to a size to fit your needs.

11. What is type of material is the canvas? And is it flame retardant?

Yes, the wagon canvas is flame retardant and are Sunforger canvases.

Sunforger canvas is duck cloth dipped in a non-toxic water based chemical bath. Sunforger™ is a wax based, non-toxic chemical that enhances the properties of cotton canvas.  After the army duck canvas goes through the Sunforger™ process, it is pre-shrunk, water repellent, durable, mildew resistant, and in some cases flame retardant. Sunforger canvas is quite often referred to as “shelter duck,” as this is a consistent final use and function of this highly durable material. Sunforger canvas is known for its medium weight and also for its multipurpose functionality, attributable to the very tight, plied yarn weave construction.